How They Work

Using Hold-Ups or Organiza is as simple as 'One', 'Two'.

Push paper up to insert.
Lift paper up and pull away to remove.

When inserted the paper is held firmly by the ball or roller system contained in the neat aluminium housing. Lifting the bottom of the paper up and away releases the mechanism and allows the paper to be freely removed. You can do it with one hand.

Hold-Ups and Organiza are used by architects, engineers, teachers, managers, doctors, waiters, shop-fitters, indeed anyone who has a paper display or hanging need where the quick retention of paper documents is required without the use of glue, adhesive or pins.


Real Estate Plan System

Organiza holds tops-n-tails
for compact displays


Handy for use in the home and office

Promotional Products

Custom printed promotional paper holders

No width Limit

Paper can be wider than your Hold-Ups


Strong and secure paper hanging

Hold-ups, the original paper holding and hanging device, may also be
referred to as Holdups or Hold Ups.