About Us

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Creative Aussie has been developing innovative paper holding and paper display devices since 1987.

“There's always been a great need for paper to be held for reading, display and easy access,” said company founder David Lutze.

“Our original aim was to develop a paper and memo holder which could be used around the office, workplace and home that would be versatile and easy to use,” Thus the paper holder Hold-Ups was born.

“Once it was developed the name was obvious. It holds up memos, plans, notices, posters, x-rays, food orders, advertising, photos and notes. And there's no hold up removing them when you want to,” said Mr Lutze.

The original Hold-Ups, with its simple, secure glass marble grip found its way into schools, offices, factories, supermarkets, restaurants, cafés and anywhere there was a need for paper management.

Creative Aussie then recognised the need for a stylish office model that would suit contemporary interiors designed by architects and interior designers. Organiza was developed to meet this need and can be seen widely in boardrooms, corporate environments and on whiteboards.

Restaurant Rail is the world's first meal and drink docket holder with a unique pull through action. Restaurant Rail is suitable for both horizontal and vertical use and can be found on bars and counter tops or wherever food and drink orders must be managed.

Creative Aussie aims to bring quality and attractive design to all paper holding and poster display applications.

Creative Aussie products are used as a:

  • Paper holder
  • Memo holder
  • Note holder
  • Poster hanger
  • Advertising hanger
  • Message holder
  • Photo holder
  • X-ray holder
  • Plan holder
  • Map hanger
  • Order docket holder
  • Food order holder
  • Drink order holder
  • Restaurant order hanger

Hold-Ups, the original paper holding and hanging device, may also be referred to as Holdups or Hold Ups.