Hold-Ups is the original glass ball paper holder developed and manufactured by Creative Aussie since 1987. It's a high quality paper holding, memo and food docket system that's been designed to hold paper firmly and release it easily.

  • Creative Aussie is the producer of several innovative paper holding products:

  • Their versatility, strength and style are capable of meeting all your paper holding and food docket management needs.


Organiza is a paper holding system
designed for the prestigious office and
modern work station where décor, design and fine lines are important features. The Organiza has a modern, shapely design.

  • World Class Paper Organisation
    All three paper holders have been exhibited at trade fairs, exhibitions, and shows. Hold-Ups has been exhibited at the Osaka Trade Fair in Japan and Organiza has featured in the Tokyo Trade Fair.


Restaurant Rail is the versatile
docket holding system for restaurants
and cafés. It provides a simple,
effective way to display and manage
your customer orders. Use it in cafés,
restaurants & take-aways.